GDPR Awareness & Compliance Training Courses

When it comes to the protection of data, awareness and training for your staff and senior management is perhaps the most important subject of all, as the vast majority of data and financial loss occurs as a result of user action or inaction. IT departments can of course implement ever tighter controls on what you can and can’t do online and on your device, but they simply can’t cover every ‘human’ element without blocking your ability to perform your function in any sort of efficient manner.

Therefore, awareness, training and staff development must be key tools in your data protection strategy.

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On and offsite training courses that include:

  • Data protection awareness workshops
  • Key operational staff workshops on data protection legislation
  • Training for staff supporting Impact Assessments
  • Duties and responsibilities of a DPO
  • Board level briefings on accountability, governance, liabilities and breach protocols
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